Indian Ringneck


These birds are known to be sentinels (watchmen) and will quickly make it known when danger is present as they make loud calls. These birds will flock together in the hundreds and branch off to find a nesting cavity during breeding season.

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These birds are sexually dimorphic, which means the birds can visibly be sexed by reviewing their colored feathers. The males develop a black ring between 18 months and by three years the ring is highlighted with pink and blue. The females do not have the ring; however, they do show a lighter green ring that can be seen upon closer inspection.

The normal green Indian Ringneck today has been bred to encompass many mutations. These birds can be purchased in solid colors such as blue, yellow, white, or gray. Along with these solid colors, there are many other mutations such as cobolts, clear tails, pieds, cinnamons, and lacewings just to name a few.


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